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    We serve Towing Services in different areas and many other destination like Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas.
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    Stuck With Somewhere To Go?

    At Towing Company Las Vegas, we take pride in setting ourselves apart from other towing companies in Las Vegas, NV with great customer service, friendly staff, and fast service. You can always count on us to be there quickly in your time of need with fair, upfront prices that beat the competition. We prove that cheap towing in Las Vegas doesn’t mean sacrificing quality service and caring staff. In need of a tow or roadside assistance in Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas? Give us a call today!
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    Henderson Towing Pros


    Towing Vegas
    Light Duty Towing
    Got car stuck and need some help? Our team is qualified in the movement of civilian class vehicles!
    Our team has the experience and the equipment to get any civilian class vehicle out of a pinch including sedans, hatchbacks, and convertibles. We guarantee we will get your vehicle to a safe location unharmed no matter what condition it is in!
    Don’t trust unprofessional tow trucks to get your vehicle, they can end up doing more harm than good if the vehicle is hooked up incorrectly!
    Even if your vehicle doesn’t need a tow, we are still the company to call. We offer additional roadside assistance so no matter where you are in Henderson, our team will be there in a flash to get you back on the road. We offer services like:
    • Dead Battery Jumps
    • Flat Tire Assistance
    • Lock Out Services
    • Affordable Solutions
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    Towing Henderson
    Medium Duty Towing
    Have an RV that needs to be moved or a dually truck that has broken down? We will have a truck out to Henderson in under 3 minutes!
    When it comes to larger vehicles, you need a company with experience and high-quality equipment to make sure your broken down vehicle gets to its destination safe and that’s exactly what our team in Henderson offers! While we can’t assist in the towing of heavy-duty equipment like large mobile homes, construction equipment or semi-trucks, we are more than happy to assist with the movement of small RVs, dually trucks and other medium-sized vehicles. Don’t leave the movement of your expensive vehicles to the other guys, trust our solid reputation and count on us!
    If your vehicle doesn’t need a tow but has become stuck, we are able to assist in other ways! Call us right now if your vehicle needs:
    • Flat Tire Or Tire Chance Assistance
    • Vehicle Recovery; Offroad & Water Recovery
    • Vehicle Has Become Beached
    • Emergency Fuel Delivery; Gasoline & Diesel
    A Guide To Our Services

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    Truck Near

    Fuel Delivery

    It doesn’t matter if you are stuck on the 95 or in front of your home, our team is here when your vehicle starts to make the frightening stutter when it runs out of fuel. We know how stressful it can be when you see that needle past E, so if your vehicle runs out of fuel, our team is there with gasoline or diesel.
    Towing Company

    Lock Out Services

    Had a crazy night and locked your keys in your vehicle or maybe your key has become lodged in the ignition or lock, those plans you had seem like they are in jeopardy. But with one call to Las Vegas Towing Company, your vehicle will be back on the road in the blink of an eye.
    Whether you need an extraction or even a new key made, we got you covered!
    Car Towing

    Tire Assistance

    With all of the construction happening in Henderson with the roads and the construction of the new Raiders training facility, flats seem to be happening more and more. Whether you ran over a nail or hit some unfortunate terrain, our team is here to help. Our technicians are trained in tire patches and the changing of tires. Don’t have a spare? Call us now, we can get you one!
    Cheap Towing

    Vehicle Recovery

    We have all been there before, your vehicle is stuck on an embankment, off-road or even stuck in a large body of water. No matter what your vehicle is seemingly stuck in, you can count on us to come to get it out! Our tow trucks are top of the line and can pull almost any vehicle from being stuck and after a quick evaluation, get you back on the road!
    Fast Towing

    Jump Starts

    If your vehicle makes a sound that you have never heard before, the lights aren’t turning on or you don’t hear that familiar ding as soon as you put the key in the ignition, chances are you have a dead battery. When you need to get back on the road ASAP, our team can come out, inspect the battery, jump the vehicle or even offer a replacement battery so you won’t have to worry again!
    Roadaside Assistance


    Stuck on the road and no matter what you’ve tried your vehicle isn’t turning back on? Well, in that case, your vehicle needs to get to the closest shop or back home and it isn’t going to take itself there! Our team is there when you need it most with affordable pricing and an even friendlier staff that will get your vehicle to a safe location with licensing, bonding and insurance.
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    Need help with towing?
    We believe that a company should serve the major cities but also the surrounding areas. Down below, you will find all the areas that we have pride in serving in the Valley:
    Learn more about what we do below.

    Roof Installation

    Las Vegas
    We offer our full range of services to everyone in Las Vegas including areas like Summerlin, The Lakes, Downtown Las Vegas, and The Strip. If you call Las Vegas your home, we are proud to serve all Vegas locals and tourists.

    Roof Maintenance

    Henderson, NV
    We love the culture that Henderson has in areas like Green Valley Ranch, Anthem, Mountains Edge and Lake Las Vegas. If you find yourself stuck in Henderson, it doesn’t matter where you are, our team will be there in a flash!

    Roof Repair

    North Las Vegas
    North Las Vegas holds some of the Valley’s deepest history in Jerry Nugget and more recent acquisitions like the Aliante. We are happy to serve the diverse population of North Las Vegas with our full range of services!
    Fast, Affordable Tow Truck Company
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      Who towed my car?
      It definitely wasn’t us! Towing Company Las Vegas is an at-will towing company only. This means we only do voluntary tows, not impounding or repossession. If your car has been towed, contact the police department and find out which tow truck company collected your vehicle. You can call the towing company to confirm the location of your vehicle and the amount you need to get it back. To get your car, you will need a valid driver’s license or ID that matches the name on the registration, a drive away permit from the Nevada DMV, proof of ownership such as your title or registration, and cash for the impound company.
      What should I know when I call for a tow truck?
      You will only need to provide us with some basic information:
      • Your location
      • Your drop-off location, such as your home or a specific auto shop
      • Your car’s make and model
      • Whether you have 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive
      When giving us your location, please be as specific as possible and mention any issues that we should know about. For example, let us know if your car is in a ditch or where you are located in a parking garage. If you have GPS, you can also give us your coordinates, although it isn’t necessary.
      What should I do while waiting for the towing company?
      We recommend you take several steps you protect yourself while waiting for your car towing service. The safest place to be is inside your car with your seatbelt on. Only leave your car if you are absolutely sure you can do it safely because your car offers some protection if another motorist isn’t paying attention and hits your disabled car. If you do need to get out of the car, exit away from traffic and don’t stand next to the car.
      Remain aware of your surroundings and approaching traffic. Don’t accept a ride from someone you don’t know. If anyone offers assistance, simply let them know your tow truck is on the way. Make sure your hazard lights are on and have your personal information and documents gathered and ready when we arrive.
      How much is tow truck service?
      The cost of car towing will depend on how far your vehicle needs to be towed. Please give us a call to request an estimate from our towing company in Las Vegas.
      More Questions to ask?