18 12, 2019

Should You Buy A New Or Used Car?

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The age-old question," Should I buy a new or used car?" Well, if you asked us this question 10 years ago, the obvious answer would be to buy a new car and avoid all of the complications that come along with buying a used vehicle. But in today's market, we have found that there are pros and cons of buying either a new or used vehicle. From the industry secret of depreciation to the newfound reliability of most vehicles, we have dug deep to find the pros and cons of buying a new vehicle or a used vehicle. You can find what we have found down below, it even changed our minds! New Vehicles And Depreciation One of the biggest secrets in the new car industry is the fact that newer cars depreciate faster than any other investment you can make. New cars have been recorded to lose at least 20 percent of their value in the first year after purchase while used cars will only lose around 5 percent. To put this in perspective, a new car worth $30,000 will be valued at $15,000 after only 3 years while a used car purchased at $15,000 will be valued at $10,000 after the first 3 years of ownership. While you may feel the advantages of driving a new car outweigh the value of the car, is the enjoyability of the trip worth $15,000 after 3 years? The Benefits Of Used Car Ownership In the modern car market, the used car [...]

11 12, 2019

Tips For Maintaining A New Car

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One of the biggest benefits of making the call to buy a new car is the fact that ongoing maintenance has become fairly irrelevant to newer vehicles. But when you make the investment into a new car, you want to make sure that your investment is on the road for as long as possible and holds its value. To do this there are a few steps of preventative maintenance that you can perform to make sure you get the most out of your investment. So today, we are going to be going over a few of the best ways you can ensure your new vehicle is taken care of and you can find our tips down below! Regularly Check Your Oil It doesn't matter how new your car is, sometimes vehicles can come straight from the factory with flaws and one of the most common has to do with oil, especially in vehicles like Subarus. This is why you should regularly check your oil. When checking the oil, make sure the vehicle is on level ground to ensure a proper reading. It can also help to check the vehicle while it is cold and when it is warm to see get an even more accurate reading. If you notice your engine has low oil fill it up but do not overfill. If you notice any oil leaks, identify and fix them ASAP. Check Your Tires A little form of maintenance that you should perform monthly or before a long road [...]

7 12, 2019

How To Make Sure Your Car Is Ready For Winter

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Ah yes, Winter. The season that brings Thanksgiving and many holidays that bring joy to everyone. But with Winter comes colder temperatures, dangerous road conditions and maintenance for any vehicle owner. So how do you make sure that your vehicle is ready for the hazards that come along with the cooler temperatures? Well, we have found that there are a few things that anyone can do to keep their vehicles on the road this Winter. Down below, you will find the best tips we have found to make Winter just like any other season of the year. Change Your Oil One of the most important things that any vehicle owner can do for their car is changing the oil and this goes for any time of the year. Winter, however, brings a more intricate variable into the mix. The oil you use in your vehicle changes along with the weather, depending on the engine of your vehicle. Generally, a thicker oil will need to be used in the summer and a thinner oil will need to be used in the Winter. Thinner oil will flow throughout the engine much more efficiently in Winter conditions, keeping your engine running better and saving you money on gas! Keep An Eye On Your Battery When colder temperatures emerge, the engine will require more voltage to start. This is why it is crucial to make sure that your battery is efficiently holding a charge. This can be done with a trip to the local [...]

17 12, 2018

5 Reasons Your Car Might Not Start

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A car that won't start is always inconvenient whether it happens in your driveway or when you're away from home. The good news, at least, is troubleshooting the problem isn't too difficult. There are five common reasons a car doesn't start and not all of them come with a big repair bill or even a tow. Here's what to check when your car doesn't start when you turn the ignition key. #1. Out of Gas The first problem to rule out is also the easiest: are you out of fuel? This is a surprisingly common problem so make sure you check your fuel gauge. If your car is out of gas and you can't get to a gas station, roadside assistance can help with fuel delivery to get you back on the road. #2. Dead Battery One of the most common causes of a dead car? A dead battery. Fortunately, it's easy to tell if your battery is dead or dying. When you are dealing with a dead battery, you won't have a dome light when you open the door. If the battery is weak, the light may be dim. The problem is probably a dead battery if your car won't start and you can't even turn on the headlights, radio, or wipers. Next, listen closely when you turn your ignition key. If the battery is dead, you won't hear or feel anything at all or the starter may crank a few times then stop. A dead battery isn't the [...]

15 12, 2018

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Vehicle Doesn’t Get Damaged While Being Towed

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When your car needs to be towed, it's natural to worry about your car becoming damaged during the tow. This isn't a needless worry, either, because not all towing companies in Las Vegas use the right procedures to lift and tow vehicles. The wrong technique can easily damage your car. To avoid the heartache of picking up your car later with a damaged bumper or axles, use these 3 tips to protect your car during a tow. Prepare Your Car for the Tow There are several steps you can take before the tow truck arrives to get your car ready and make sure everything goes smoothly. Start by removing your valuables from the car then take a look around the car, noting any existing damage. Ask where your car is going and how long it will take to get there. Don't engage your parking brake or the wheels can't spin. Your tow truck driver will probably ask you to put the car in neutral while it's being hooked up. When your car is in neutral, the wheels roll freely with less risk of harm to the drive train. Request a Flatbed Tow Truck A flatbed tow truck reduces the risk of damage to your car's transmission or axles because it uses a winch to put your vehicle on the end of the truck where it won't have contact with the road. Once loaded, your car rests in a stationary, horizontal position. A traditional tow truck raises your car on two [...]

12 12, 2018

Most Dangerous Weather Conditions to Drive in

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When the sunny, warm Las Vegas weather takes a turn, it's important to practice defensive driving if you don't already. While you may assume that ice and snow are the most dangerous weather conditions for drivers, the truth may surprise you. Here are the most hazardous driving conditions to watch for and how to get down the road safely. Rain Expecting ice to top the charts for dangerous road conditions? The truth is rain is responsible for more driving deaths than snow in 39 of 50 states, including Nevada. In some cities like Los Angeles, rainfall is known to cause a huge spike in crashes, sometimes up to 300 in a single day compared to the typical 20-30. Rain is more common than snow and fog in many areas and people may not be as cautious on a wet road as they are on an icy road. Rain can also reduce visibility. Rain can be especially dangerous in Las Vegas, which doesn't get much rainfall. This is because oil residue builds up on the roads throughout the year. When it hasn't rained in awhile, even a light shower can make the roads incredibly dangerous. These tips can help you drive safely in the rain: -- The road is most dangerous when it first starts to rain due to a build-up of oil residue mixing with water. -- Always slow down when the road is wet. -- Brake slower and earlier in the rain. This reduces the risk of hydroplaning and [...]

9 12, 2018

7 Vehicle Maintenance Tips

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Want to avoid an unexpected breakdown and tow? Hoping to get as much life out of your car as possible while reducing expensive repair bills? It all starts with maintenance. Taking care of your car can make it safer, improve performance and reliability, increase your resale value, and save you from costly repairs down the road. Here are seven tips for maintaining your vehicle to avoid a call to the tow truck company. #1. Check Your Tires Regularly A blown tire is the last thing you want to deal with but it's a pretty common problem in the heat of Las Vegas. Keeping your tires at their correct pressure reduces the risk of a blow out and improves your fuel economy. Get in the habit of monitoring your tire pressure and filling your tires as needed. When you check the pressure, you should also check your tread depth to make sure your tires have adequate traction and can channel water. #2. Check and Change Your Fluids Every month, check your vehicle's fluid levels including your oil, antifreeze, and windshield wiper fluid. Your oil should be changed every 5,000 miles or every 10,000 miles for full synthetic oil. When your oil is changed, have your brake, power steering, and automatic transmission fluid checked as well. Brake fluid needs to be changed every 2 years. Power steering fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles. Transmission fluid may need to be changed every 30,000 miles or at 150,000 miles, depending on your vehicle. [...]

5 12, 2018

What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down

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Is there anything more stressful and even frightening than having your car break down far from home? You will probably feel like a bundle of nerves and unsure of what you should do first but it's important to remain calm. Here are the steps you should take to protect yourself and get your car off the road. Get Somewhere Safe If you can, pull onto the shoulder of the road as safely as you can and try to keep your car on level ground. Keep your hazard lights on and get out of the car only if it's absolutely safe to do so. If you do leave your car, do not stand beside it. Note the location of your car such as the nearest exit or landmarks like restaurants because this will help when you call for assistance. In most cases, the safest place to be in inside your car with your seatbelt on. Motorists tend to steer toward what they're look at, such as a car accident or broken down car ahead. Pedestrians are at the greatest risk of injury near the side of the road. Staying in your car can protect you if someone hits your car. Assess the Situation This isn't a good time to take a stab at repairing your car if you aren't sure what's wrong. Still, consider what may have happened and if it's something you can address yourself. If you know you ran out of gas and can walk to a gas station, [...]

20 08, 2018

Tips to Stay Safe While Waiting for the Tow Truck

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Whether you're dealing with a flat tire, a minor car accident, or a dead battery, it's important to stay safe while waiting for roadside assistance or towing service in Las Vegas. Breaking down on the side of the road can be scary and it can be dangerous with distracted drivers who may not see your stalled car or you. These tips will help you stay safe in an emergency while you wait for a Las Vegas tow truck company to arrive. #1. Pull over as much as you can If your vehicle can be driven safely, drive to the shoulder of the road so you aren't blocking traffic. Avoid parking on a hill or blind corner where other drivers will have trouble seeing you. If you aren't able to drive the car and you can do so safely, get help pushing the car to the shoulder. #2. Turn on your hazard lights As soon as your car experiences problems, turn on your hazard lights to make your car more visible and help alert other drivers to the fact that your car isn't moving. If you have an emergency kit in your car, you can set up cones or flares to make yourself more visible. #3. Stay in your car In most cases, it's safest to stay in your car with your seatbelt on while waiting for fast towing in Las Vegas. Don't stand next to your car as you don't want to bet your life on other drivers paying attention. [...]

17 08, 2018

What to Know About Having Your Car Towed

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Having your car towed for the first time can be intimidating. One minute you're on your way to work or the store, the next you're stranded with a completely dead battery, mechanical failure, or worse -- you've been involved in an accident. At some point, most people need to call a car towing service for a tow or general roadside assistance. If you find yourself in the stressful position of needing to call a towing company in Las Vegas, here's what you should know and expect. Call a Trusted Towing Service in Las Vegas When you find yourself in a difficult situation and need to have your car towed, make sure you choose a reputable and trusted towing service. While you may not have much time for research, it's still important to choose a company you can trust. You can still get cheap towing in Las Vegas while choosing a towing company that's honest and takes the necessary precautions before lifting your vehicle. If you choose the first or cheapest tow company you find, you may be setting yourself up for an unpleasant experience. Stay Safe If your car has broken down for some reason, it's important to put safety first. Don't get out of your car unless it's necessary, such as smoke coming from the engine or you are stopped in a dangerous spot. If you do need to get out of the car, get out on the opposite side of traffic and do not remain in front of [...]