At Towing Company Las Vegas we proudly provide roadside assistance for all kinds of situations. The top four we see are being locked out, flat tires, dead batteries, and of course, everybody’s least favorite, running out of gas. If you are having a tough day because you are stuck, we will ease your pain by having our professional drivers deliver these services wherever you are. This will hopefully keep your car from having to be towed, saving you money. Don’t forget to call us for a free estimate! Las Vegas towing companies are notorious for holding your car “hostage”. We give you a fair price before we do the job. If you need quality roadside assistance in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson to get you back on the road, keep reading to learn what our affordable towing company in Las Vegas will do, and don’t forget to call for a free estimate!
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Lockout Service

Lockouts can happen to anyone
Any distraction can lead to the unhappy realization that you’ve just shut your door and your keys are on the seat or still in the ignition. As professionals, we strongly advise against trying to get back in using a coat hanger or other homemade solution. At the very least you will probably damage your weatherstripping or more.
Don’t even think about breaking a window to get back in. A technician from Towing Company Las Vegas will safely unlock your car and retrieve your keys without damage to the vehicle. We service all makes and models and open upright locks with a “slim-jim” or a more common method of using custom wedges to create an opening to unlock the door. We are fast, we are professional, and your car will be ready to go in minutes, so give us a call!
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Flat Tires

In Las Vegas and Henderson.
A flat tire is not only inconvenient, but it’s also dangerous if it happens while you are driving. Unseen rocks, nails, potholes, and other road hazards are common In Las Vegas and Henderson. The risk of flat tires increases with our hot weather as well. When a flat tire happens, Towing Company Las Vegas springs into action and will inspect the tire, attempt to inflate it, and if that doesn’t help, we’ll change it with your spare.
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Jump Starts

Towinng Las Vegas
You’ve been meaning to get a set of jumper cables for your trunk, but it’s one of those little things that’s a low priority item. Now you’re parked in a strip-mall parking lot and your turn your key and “click”. No dome light, no headlights, and worst of all, no radio! We have all been there!
What you want and need here is fast service!
Las Vegas-based Towing Company Las Vegas will be there quickly to bring your battery back to life and get you going again, We can service your car even if it’s parked in a restricted area or on the 5th-floor parking garage at The Bellagio.
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Emergency Fuel

you’re stranded
This is another situation that has happened to us all. Whether you didn’t notice the low level of gas in the tank or the fuel gauge is broken, you’re stranded. The nearest gas station is too far away to walk, and you are already running late.
Don’t panic
we will be there quickly with the type of gas you need, including diesel. We’ll bring you 2 or 3 gallons and you will be on your way in minutes!
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Towing Service

we are able to help
When you need something outside of roadside assistance, we are still able to help. Towing Company Las Vegas Las Vegas offers custom towing services to your home, a nearby service station, your dealership or anywhere you like.
It can be stressful if you are involved in an accident or your car just breaks down.. That’s why we quote you a fair price before we are on the way. We are an “at-will” towing company meaning we only offer our services if they are requested. We don’t tow cars away for no reason. We are in the business of helping people, not making things worse!
When we arrive, the first and most important thing we do is to get your car off the road to a safe area and evaluate the situation.
Then our tow truck driver will explain your options in words you can understand. We’re fast, professional and affordable. When you need a tow truck in Las Vegas, Towing Company Las Vegas is open 365 days a year. Do yourself a favor and put our number in your favorites right now!