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My car has an automatic transmission. Can you tow it with the drive wheels on the ground?
Most manufacturers say a vehicle with an automatic transmission can be towed for a limited distance at specific speeds. Your owner’s manual will state how many miles the car can be towed and the maximum speed when the drive wheels are on the ground. This is because when your car is in neutral, it disengages the transmission from the engine but the transmission isn’t disengaged from the wheels. The transmission will continue turning but without transmission fluid to cool it from the engine.
My car is all-wheel drive. Does it need a flatbed tow truck?
All-wheel drive makes cars more difficult to tow because the drive wheels should not be left on the ground but all wheels are drive wheels. This doesn’t mean you need a flatbed tow truck to tow your all-wheel drive car, though. As long as all wheels are above the ground, your car can be towed safely. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. A flatbed truck is one option but a towing company can also a special tow dolly with inline wheels attached to the frame or a tow bar that lifts all four wheels off the road.
What are the rates for towing in Las Vegas?
Towing doesn’t cost as much as you may think and may even cost less than $100. Towing is charged based on a flat hook-up fee plus a per-mile fee. Towing Company Las Vegas offers cheap towing in Las Vegas with affordable rates that make it easy to get your car off the road. Be wary of low-ball prices you may hear from some towing companies in Las Vegas, however, as they may advertise a low price to get your business then hit you with an excessive per-mile charge you don’t know about until it’s over.
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Is a tow hard on my car?
Having your vehicle towed is never fun and you are probably concerned about damage to your car during the tow. While damage is possible during a tow, the good news is it’s very unlikely, especially when you choose a reliable and certified towing company. There are many ways to tow a car and an experienced towing company will use the most appropriate method to avoid damage to your car. The ride itself also isn’t hard on your car. When your car is towed with two wheels on the ground, it will ride on its own suspension as normal. When it’s towed on four wheels, the tow truck’s suspension will absorb the shock of the road.
How are your drivers trained?
At Towing Company Las Vegas, we employ only certified, licensed tow truck drivers who have passed a background check. Our drivers go through an extensive training process to provide safe towing services in Las Vegas. Our drivers begin with intensive and specialized training that includes studying towing guidelines based on different types of vehicles and transmissions. Next, new drivers are paired with experienced drivers for on-the-job training and experience before they can tow on their own.
Can my lowered car still get towed?
In most cases, a lowered car can be safely towed with conventional towing methods. This isn’t always the case, however. If your vehicle is too low, a flatbed truck may be necessary.
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How do I know if I need a flatbed tow truck?
There are some cases in which your car needs to be towed by a flatbed truck. Sometimes, but not always, a flatbed is necessary for all-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive cars. It is also required if your car has extensive damage after a crash or you have a flat tire that’s opposite your drive axle, such as a flat front tire on a rear wheel drive vehicle. Flatbed towing is also recommended for antique and exotic cars.
What information do I need to provide when I call a tow truck company?
We will need to know about your vehicle, including your year, make, model, color, and license plate. Be as specific as you can when telling us where you are, such as the closest mile marker or nearby landmarks. If you can, tell us what’s wrong with your vehicle, such as damage after a collision, a flat tire, or mechanical failure. We will also need your phone number and where your car is being towed. All of this information helps us find you and determine the best type of towing to safely tow your vehicle. It also helps us give you a fair, accurate quote.
What makes you stand out from the other towing companies in Las Vegas?
Towing Company Las Vegas in Las Vegas takes pride in delivering fair, honest pricing and reliable towing in Las Vegas with a commitment to the best possible customer service. Unlike some towing companies, we offer transparent pricing without hidden fees or tricks. Our experienced and extensively trained tow truck drivers always use the most appropriate towing method for your car to minimize all risks and ensure your car gets where it’s going in the same condition.