When you call Quality Towing Las Vegas for roadside assistance, you are in good hands. We can turn an unpleasant and stressful situation into your basic win-win. We get there with the right tools and expertise to get you going without the added expense and time of a tow.
But before we get into the many ways we can come to your rescue, let’s talk about a little preventative maintenance that will go a long way to avoiding many types of breakdowns BEFORE they happen!
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Check Your Tires

The desert heat in Las Vegas leads to flats, literally left and right. At least once a month check the air pressure. It doesn’t take but a few minutes and it can alert you to possible problems. Don’t forget to check the spare too! We have found that a visual inspection of the tires before you drive off is a quick and safe way to spot problems before they get worse.
An easy way to check the tire tread is with the old Abe Lincoln penny trick. Place the penny with Abe’s head going into the tread. If any part of Abe’s head is obscured, you have enough tread. (By the way, the minimum tread is 1/16th of an inch). Not only does keeping the tires at correct pressure help avoid blowouts, but it increases fuel economy as well. The boys at Quality Towing Las Vegas do this on a monthly basis on our personal vehicles.
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Clean Your Battery

and Check Your Oil
Once again, our hot dry weather is the culprit for batteries failing. You can expect a battery to last 2 or maybe 3 summers in our fair city. Quality Towing Las Vegas goes crazy jumping dead batteries! Do yourself a favor, and clean the contacts on your battery the same day you check your tires! Fear not, a dead battery is just a Las Vegas tow truck away from rescue.
In the old days, they used to check the oil and water when you would fill up! Oops, that doesn’t happen anymore. I’ve got it on my calendar, on the 3rd of the month I check the oil, brake, transmission and windshield washer fluids. This takes 10 minutes and can save you many hours stuck in places that you don’t want to be in and many, many dollars.
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The Top Four Roadside

A professional and fast quality towing service knows that 90% of the calls they answer are the result of the following conditions:
  • Lockouts
  • Flat tires
  • Dead batteries
  • Running out of gas
A fast action tow truck service in Las Vegas, like ours, is going to be equipped with the most modern wedges and tools to unlock your car, the ability to inflate or change a flat tire, jumper cables or battery replacements on the spot, and any type of fuel delivery your situation requires.
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Our Towing

When all else fails, whether your vehicle has been damaged and is not driveable or if the situation is too dangerous to repair at the site, we are ready to save the day with a fast action tow truck throughout the Las Vegas valley.
That means Henderson, North Las Vegas, Paradise, Summerlin, Anthem, and everything in between.
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How We

Do It
Even though this is magical Las Vegas, we don’t get your car towed where you want it to go with smoke and mirrors. We’ll leave that to Penn & Teller. There are 4 main types of tow truck used by all reputable quality towing services in Las Vegas.
A traditional hook and chain is suitable for short tows, as the chains can damage your car over a long distance.
We usually use these trucks for abandoned vehicles. This type of tow is not used much anymore. A wheel lift evolved from the hook and chain but uses a metal yoke that is hooked under the front wheels. The yoke lifts the wheels from the ground and cannot scratch the car. A flatbed tow truck uses a hydraulic system to tilt the bed to form a ramp. We at Quality Towing Las Vegas use this method almost exclusively, as it makes the entire loading process relatively easy. Your car won’t be dragged. relieving the pressure on the wheels. Lastly, a heavy-duty boom truck is usually used for recovering vehicles in extreme circumstances, like in a a ditch or over an embankment.
We want you to be safe and limit the stress of having to call for assistance. That’s why we provide fast economical towing in Las Vegas. We will quote you a fair and firm price before we take the job. You will be glad you called Quality Towing Las Vegas. Type this number, 702-602-9355 in your favorites now so you can get to us in a moments notice. We are here to help!