5 12, 2018

What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down

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Is there anything more stressful and even frightening than having your car break down far from home? You will probably feel like a bundle of nerves and unsure of what you should do first but it's important to remain calm. Here are the steps you should take to protect yourself and get your car off the road. Get Somewhere Safe If you can, pull onto the shoulder of the road as safely as you can and try to keep your car on level ground. Keep your hazard lights on and get out of the car only if it's absolutely safe to do so. If you do leave your car, do not stand beside it. Note the location of your car such as the nearest exit or landmarks like restaurants because this will help when you call for assistance. In most cases, the safest place to be in inside your car with your seatbelt on. Motorists tend to steer toward what they're look at, such as a car accident or broken down car ahead. Pedestrians are at the greatest risk of injury near the side of the road. Staying in your car can protect you if someone hits your car. Assess the Situation This isn't a good time to take a stab at repairing your car if you aren't sure what's wrong. Still, consider what may have happened and if it's something you can address yourself. If you know you ran out of gas and can walk to a gas station, [...]

20 08, 2018

Tips to Stay Safe While Waiting for the Tow Truck

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Whether you're dealing with a flat tire, a minor car accident, or a dead battery, it's important to stay safe while waiting for roadside assistance or towing service in Las Vegas. Breaking down on the side of the road can be scary and it can be dangerous with distracted drivers who may not see your stalled car or you. These tips will help you stay safe in an emergency while you wait for a Las Vegas tow truck company to arrive. #1. Pull over as much as you can If your vehicle can be driven safely, drive to the shoulder of the road so you aren't blocking traffic. Avoid parking on a hill or blind corner where other drivers will have trouble seeing you. If you aren't able to drive the car and you can do so safely, get help pushing the car to the shoulder. #2. Turn on your hazard lights As soon as your car experiences problems, turn on your hazard lights to make your car more visible and help alert other drivers to the fact that your car isn't moving. If you have an emergency kit in your car, you can set up cones or flares to make yourself more visible. #3. Stay in your car In most cases, it's safest to stay in your car with your seatbelt on while waiting for fast towing in Las Vegas. Don't stand next to your car as you don't want to bet your life on other drivers paying attention. [...]

17 08, 2018

What to Know About Having Your Car Towed

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Having your car towed for the first time can be intimidating. One minute you're on your way to work or the store, the next you're stranded with a completely dead battery, mechanical failure, or worse -- you've been involved in an accident. At some point, most people need to call a car towing service for a tow or general roadside assistance. If you find yourself in the stressful position of needing to call a towing company in Las Vegas, here's what you should know and expect. Call a Trusted Towing Service in Las Vegas When you find yourself in a difficult situation and need to have your car towed, make sure you choose a reputable and trusted towing service. While you may not have much time for research, it's still important to choose a company you can trust. You can still get cheap towing in Las Vegas while choosing a towing company that's honest and takes the necessary precautions before lifting your vehicle. If you choose the first or cheapest tow company you find, you may be setting yourself up for an unpleasant experience. Stay Safe If your car has broken down for some reason, it's important to put safety first. Don't get out of your car unless it's necessary, such as smoke coming from the engine or you are stopped in a dangerous spot. If you do need to get out of the car, get out on the opposite side of traffic and do not remain in front of [...]

13 08, 2018

8 Most Common Reasons to Call a Tow Truck Company in Las Vegas

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No one wants to find themselves in the position of needing to call a towing company in Las Vegas yet many do. Few things are as stressful and daunting as finding yourself stranded after an accident or another incident, especially if you're running late for work or picking up the kids and you have no one to call for help. Fast towing in Las Vegas offers an important lifeline, giving you somewhere to turn when you're dealing with serious car problems and need to get home or get your car to a mechanic. What you may not know is your local tow truck company in Las Vegas can provide a range of services. Along with towing your car, a towing company can deliver fuel, change a flat tire, solve a car lockout situation, and more. Here are the top reasons motorists call for car towing service and what you can expect. #1. Overheating Your car can overheat for many reasons, including a leak in the water pump, hose, or radiator or a bad fan belt. When your engine overheats and shuts off, you will find yourself stuck. Adding antifreeze or, if you don't have any, some water can temporarily cool off your engine and allow you to keep driving but it isn't a sure-fire strategy. If you can't get your car moving again, you'll need to call a tow truck company for help towing your car to a mechanic. #2. Ran Out of Gas Running out of gas can be [...]

11 08, 2018

How to Find Out Who Towed Your Car

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Trying to figure out who towed your car? It definitely wasn't us! Towing Company Las Vegas is a voluntary towing company in Las Vegas. That means we don't do impounding or repossessions. We only work with car owners who need a voluntary car towing service. Still, we understand what a nightmare it can be to leave a restaurant or store and find your car gone. A tow truck company in Las Vegas can only tow a car without your request if it was involved in an accident, you parked unlawfully on private or public property, or the police request the tow. Here's what you should know about finding out who towed your car and how to get it back. Was Your Car Towed? When you return to where you parked and find your car gone, your first thought may be that your car was stolen. Before jumping to conclusions, look around for "No Parking" signs or signs that detail parking restrictions. There are many reasons your car may have been towed such as: Blocking a handicap ramp Parking in a "Tow Zone" Blocking a fire hydrant Unlawfully parking on private property, such as a parking lot only for customers or an area marked "No Parking" Obstructing traffic How to Find Your Car Check around where you parked for a posted sign detailing parking regulations. In a parking lot or parking garage, the sign will usually have contact information for the car towing service the property owner or manager uses. The towing company [...]

7 08, 2018

How to Reduce the Risk of a Breakdown in the Summer

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Everyone knows that Las Vegas gets hot in the summer. From June through July, it's not uncommon for temperatures to stay in the 90s or much higher with even scorching nighttime temperatures. The heat isn't just hard on people and pets; it can also put a lot of strain on your car. The good news is there are several steps you can take to reduce your risk of a breakdown during the summer and avoid a call for cheap towing in Las Vegas. Have Your Battery Tested Dead batteries are a common reason for motorists to call a tow truck company in Las Vegas for roadside assistance. It's a common misconception that car battery problems only occur in very cold climates but summer heat can be even worse on your battery. That's because vibration and heat are the biggest problems that cause internal breakdown of the battery and failure. While you can't do much about the heat, you can make sure your battery is secure to reduce vibration. Because the battery fluid evaporates faster in the summer, which can corrode connections and terminals, take the time to clear the corrosive build up on the clamps and terminals to make sure your battery will be able to start. If your battery is getting old, have it tested to figure out how much longer it should last. Make Sure Your Tires Are Inflated Like dead batteries, flat tires are a common cause for phone calls to our towing company in Las Vegas [...]