There are many situations where you will need roadside assistance. At Towing Company Las Vegas Las Vegas, the top reasons we encounter for roadside assistance are:
  • Being locked out of your car
  • Flat tires
  • Dead batteries
  • Running out of gas
Being stuck can ruin your day unless you call Towing Company Las Vegas and have our trained professional drivers deliver those important solutions for your dilemma. Hopefully we can save you money by solving the problem without towing. So call us first to get a free estimate! We are not your typical Las Vegas towing company that holds your car “hostage” until you pay the “ransom”. We will quote you a fair price before we even begin the job. If you live in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Henderson, and you need roadside assistance, keep reading to find out what Towing Company Las Vegas will do. Remember, we offer a free estimate!
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Lockout Service

Ever get distracted and close your car door
Ever get distracted and close your car door with the keys still in the ignition? Or on the seat? It has happened to all of us at some time. Don’t try using a coat hanger or some other silly home remedy. You will just make things worse and will probably ruin your weatherstripping at the very least. If it rains, and we know when it does rain in Las Vegas, it pours, your car is going to get wet on the inside! Don’t even think about breaking a window to solve the problem.
When Towing Company Las Vegas arrives, our expert driver will retrieve your keys with no damage to your vehicle. We have a number of ways to get you back in, including using custom wedges to create an opening so we can unlock the door. At Towing Company Las Vegas we can deal with all makes and models of cars. If you’d like to be back on the road in minutes, give us a call!
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If you are driving and your tire blows out
If you are driving and your tire blows out, you need to stay calm and steer to the side of the road. This can be a dangerous situation. Las Vegas roads are loaded with nails, rocks, potholes and other hazards.
When it gets hot the frequency of flat tires increases. As soon as you call us, we spring into action at Towing Company Las Vegas and when we get to your location, we will inspect the tire, try to inflate it, or change it out with your spare.
We can even inflate the spare if necessary!
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Jump Start

Jump Starts

We at Towing Company Las Vegas
One of those things that we never seem to remember to buy are those cute little jumper cables and stash them in the trunk. Now you are parked on the 3rd Floor of The MGM Grand parking structure, are ready to go home, you put the key in and “click”.
A sound we have all come to regret.
Well maybe you think it’s just a temporary glitch, but your lights don’t come on, you open the door a bit and the dome light doesn’t come on, and worst of all, no radio! We at Towing Company Las Vegas can get to you even in restricted areas. What you really need here is FAST service! We’ll be there with a jump start that brings your battery back to life so you can at least get home.
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Emergency Fuel

We are here to help!
You’re on the road and all of a sudden you see the little gas pump icon on your display. Shoot, you thought you had plenty of gas left. Maybe the fuel gauge is broken!
All you know is that you are stranded. You’re late, no gas station in sight. We are here to help! Towing Company Las Vegas Las Vegas will bring you 2 or 3 gallons of any type of gas you need, including diesel. You’ll be on your way promptly.
Emergency Fuel
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Towing Service

Need the car towed home?
If all of the above roadside assistance solutions aren’t the problem, we are still able to help. Need the car towed home? To your mechanic’s garage? A dealership?
Towing Company Las Vegas will tow it wherever you desire.
The most important thing we will do first gets your vehicle to a safe place off the road. Then we assess the situation. Our professional tow truck driver will explain your options so you can understand what we recommend. We offer fast, expert, low-cost services, 365 days a year! Put Towing Company Las Vegas Las Vegas number in your favorites right away! We will be there to help.